Great Notion has crafted yet another world-class wild ale that seamlessly blends funky complexity with bright drinkability. Their GR-75 Tart Ale is a masterclass in balancing oaky funk, zippy acidity, and layers of juicy fruit flavors into one harmonious and endlessly sippable package.

The beer pours a beautiful deep red-purple color, slightly hazy with a frothy pink head. The aroma instantly piques interest with notes of fresh raspberries, tart cherries, oak barrel, and musty barnyard funk. There are underlying hints of vanilla and lemon zest as well.

One sip and you’re greeted by a punchy tartness that awakens the senses. Flavors of ripe raspberry, sour cherry, and under-ripe strawberry provide the vibrant fruity core. This fruity tang is seamlessly interwoven with undertones of oaky vanilla, earthy funk, and zingy lemon peel.

While intensely sour and funky, GR-75 maintains a sublime drinkability. The mouthfeel is bright and effervescent rather than puckering, with a dry, quenching finish that keeps you coming back for more. As it warms, the oaky, vanilla-laced underpinnings emerge even more.

Great Notion has truly captured lightning in a bottle with this mixed-culture sour ale. GR-75 melds intense fresh fruit flavors with complex oak and funk in impeccable balance. It’s the perfect representation of the brewery’s deft ability to create wild ales of incredible depth and drinkability. A world-class offering from one of the modern masters.

Tasting Notes: Aroma: Fresh raspberries, tart cherries, oak barrel, musty funk, vanilla, lemon zest Appearance: Deep red-purple, slightly hazy with a frothy pink head Flavor: Ripe raspberry, sour cherry, under-ripe strawberry, oaky vanilla, earthy funk, lemon peel Mouthfeel: Bright and effervescent, dry quenching finish Overall: Vibrant sour fruit with complex funk seamlessly melded

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GR-75 Tart Ale by Great Notion Review

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