With a name like Lick Me, you know Tripping Animals is bringing some serious pucker power. This uniquely crafted sour ale delivers a wallop of intense fruity sourness balanced by rich layers of complexity. It’s a wild ride that showcases the brewery’s innovative spirit.

The beer pours a vibrant reddish-purple color, sitting slightly hazy in the glass with a fizzy pinkish head. The aroma immediately sets the tone – you’re smacked with bold notes of tart raspberries, jammy blackberries, and vinegary funk. There are also underlying hints of oak and vanilla that reveal themselves with each sniff.

One sip of Lick Me and your cheeks will be puckering with delightful sourness. Flavors of fresh raspberries and blackberries provide the fruity backbone, with an eye-squinting acidity that’ll make you wince (in a good way). The intense tartness is kept from being one-dimensional by undertones of dark chocolate, oak barrel notes, and a touch of vanilla sweetness.

The mouthfeel starts out puckering, but evolves into a full, creamy richness as it warms. It’s this evolving nature that makes Lick Me so unique – it shape-shifts from a brash sour bomb into a nuanced sipper with each drink. The finish is bone-dry yet moreish, immediately priming your palate for another lick.

This beer exemplifies the creativity and boundary-pushing ethos of Tripping Animals. Lick Me is a flavor-packed sour experience that’s equal parts intense and refined. It’s a must-try for sour fans looking to go on a rollercoaster ride of tartness and complexity.

Tasting Notes:

  • Aroma: Tart raspberries, jammy blackberries, vinegary funk, oak, vanilla
  • Appearance: Vibrant reddish-purple, slightly hazy, fizzy pinkish head
  • Flavor: Fresh raspberries, blackberries, dark chocolate, oak, vanilla, intense sourness
  • Mouthfeel: Starts puckering, evolves into lush creaminess, bone dry finish
  • Overall: A wild, complex sour journey from intense to nuanced
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Review: Lick Me Sour Ale by Tripping Animals Brewing Co.

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