Introducing SKAZE RACE Double Hazy IPA by Alvarado Street Brewery – 8%, a captivating and exhilarating beer that takes you on a flavorful journey through the world of hazy IPAs. In today’s crowded market of hazy IPAs, standing out requires innovation and pushing the boundaries of hop expression, and Double Hazy IPA does just that.

This SKAZE (pronounced “skaze”) is a double dry-hopped and thiol-boosted IPA specially crafted to deliver the maximum juicy hop goodness. Carefully selected lots of Mosaic, Nelson, Citra Cryo, and Cryo Pop hops combine to create a tropical explosion of hop oils and potent thiols. Brace yourself for an intense flavor experience.

As you take your first sip, a burst of tangerine and pineapple engulfs your taste buds, carrying you on a wave of gooseberry notes. Just as you think the ride is over, you’re hit with a refreshing spray of passionfruit and blueberry, leaving a subtle hint of coconut candy in its wake. The combination of these vibrant flavors creates a truly memorable drinking experience.

Double Hazy IPA -8% is a beer that demands your attention. Its bold and dynamic flavor profile will satisfy the most discerning craft beer enthusiasts. So hold on tight, savor each sip, and get ready to cross the finish line of hop-driven greatness. Don’t miss out on this thrilling brew that embodies the relentless pursuit of juicy perfection.

Radness Rush: Double Hazy IPA -8% – A Thrilling Tropical Hop Adventure!

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