450 North has delivered another slushy-inspired masterpiece with their One Man Wolfpack Slushy XL fruited sour ale. This vibrant, refreshing beer uncannily replicates the sweet-tart flavor of a cherry and blue raspberry slushy in vivid, crushable form.

The pour yields a deep purple-red hue with brilliant fuchsia highlights and a minimal pink head. The aroma wafts intense notes of fresh cherries, candied blue raspberries, sweet vanilla cream, and tangy fruity acidity. It smells like someone spiked a cherry-blue raspberry slushie drink.

One sip and you’re transported directly to childhood sipping on those convenience store slushies. A wave of luscious cherry and tart blue raspberry flavors coats the palate, achieving an amazing balance of sweet and puckering sour. There’s an unmistakable vanilla ice cream character as well, enhancing the creamy, slushy-like texture.

While intensely fruity, One Man Wolfpack maintains a zippy, refreshing acidity thanks to the underlying sour blonde ale base. The mouthfeel is luscious and creamy, perfectly mimicking a half-melted slushy drink without being cloying or syrupy.

450 North continues to show immense creativity by capturing nostalgic slushy flavors in beer form. One Man Wolfpack is like sipping on a grown-up version of the classic cherry-blue raspberry slushy while packing all the authentic fruit flavor you could want. It’s the ultimate summer crusher.

Tasting Notes: Aroma:

  • Fresh cherries, candied blue raspberries, sweet vanilla cream, tangy fruity acidity
  • Appearance: Deep purple-red with brilliant fuchsia highlights, minimal pink head
  • Flavor: Luscious cherry, tart blue raspberry, vanilla ice cream, puckering sourness
  • Mouthfeel: Creamy and slushy-like, zippy refreshing acidity
  • Overall: A vibrant, drinkable cherry-blue raspberry slushy in beer form
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One Man Wolfpack Slushy XL by 450 North Brewing Review

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