Introducing Alvarado Street “Orange Sherburps” Sherbet Inspired Imperial Sour with Cara Cara Orange and Vanilla, a tantalizing craft beer that captures indulging in a rainbow sherbet carton. Packed in a 16oz can with an ABV of 8%, this brew is a treat for the senses.

Do you instinctively reach for the orange bits in your carton of rainbow sherbet? Well, Alvarado Street Brewery understands that craving all too well. With “Orange Sherburps,” they’ve crafted a brew that satisfies those desires.

Prepare your taste buds for a balanced zip of acidity that awakens the palate while a creamy and decadent sweetness envelops the senses. This unique combination creates a flavor experience that mirrors the joy of indulging in your favorite childhood treat.

The star ingredients of this beer are the luscious Cara Cara oranges and smooth vanilla, carefully infused to ensure their delightful presence in every sip. The Cara Cara oranges contribute a vibrant, citrusy character, while the vanilla adds a touch of creamy richness. Together, they elevate the brew, creating a harmonious and mouthwatering profile.

With an 8% ABV, Alvarado Street “Orange Sherburps” Sherbet Inspired Imperial Sour delivers flavor and strength. This higher alcohol content adds an extra kick to enhance your enjoyment of this unique brew.

Pour a glass or crack open a can of this sherbet-inspired sour and get ready to be transported to a world of tangy and sweet delight. Alvarado Street Brewery has captured the essence of your favorite orange sherbet, bringing it to life in a refreshing and irresistible beverage.

Alvarado Street Orange Sherburps Sour

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