450 North has taken their acclaimed Sleuth smoothie-style sour ale and cranked it up to 11 with this Slushy version. SLUSHY XXL SLEUTH VS. SLEUTH is an over-the-top fruit explosion packaged up in a tart, creamy base beer. It delivers maximum slushie vibes in alcoholic form.

The beer pours a vibrant reddish-purple color, appearing almost neon in the glass. A minimal pinkish head fizzles away quickly. Swirling it around releases an aroma that will having you craving your childhood slushie drink. Layers of fresh raspberry, tart cherry, and ripe kiwi scents mingle with notes of vanilla and lactobacillus funk.

The first sip is a punch in the face from the intense fruit flavors. Juicy raspberry is front and center, coating your tongue in sweet-tart glory. This is quickly joined by tart cherry notes and hints of tropical kiwi. The sour base beer provides the perfect puckering lactic acidity to balance the vibrant fruitiness.

As it warms, the beer takes on more of a smoothie-like texture, becoming extremely lush and creamy. Notes of vanilla bean emerge, meshing with the jammy fruit flavors. The acidity never lets up though, providing a dry, quenching finish that keeps you coming back for more.

450 North has truly captured the essence of a slushie drink in beer form with this release. It’s dessert-like and indulgent yet insanely drinkable. The perfect beer for a hot summer day or to satisfy a raging sweet tooth.

Tasting Notes:

  • Aroma: Fresh raspberry, tart cherry, ripe kiwi, vanilla, funk
  • Appearance: Vibrant reddish-purple, minimal pink head
  • Flavor: Juicy raspberry, tart cherry, kiwi, lactic sourness, vanilla
  • Mouthfeel: Thick and creamy, dessert-like, dry puckering finish
  • Overall: Maximum slushie vibes in alcoholic beer form
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SLUSHY XXL SLEUTH VS. SLEUTH by 450 North Brewing Company

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