Juiceler Double IPA – A Hazy Hop Hammer

Pouring a thick, pulpy orange color with a dense, frothy white head, the appearance alone lets you know Drekker’s Juiceler means business. The aroma wafting from the glass is an onslaught of juicy hops – mango, pineapple, candied orange, and dank resinous pine all fighting for your olfactory attention.

The flavor follows the nose with an intensity of hop-derived tropical and citrus fruit notes that embodies the hazy double IPA style. Layers of pulpy orange and grapefruit balanced by sweet mango and pineapple create a literal “juicer” of flavors that envelop the palate. Just when you think the hop barrage can’t intensify further, piney resin and dank notes join the fray, adding complexity and a slight subtle bitterness.

At 8% ABV, the beer drinks smooth and almost misleadingly easy, with just a slight warmth letting you know this is no session juice bomb. The mouthfeel is gloriously soft and pillowy, with a velvety viscosity that makes it a pleasure to sip and savor.

Drekker has truly unleashed a hop monster with Juiceler, likely employing generous amounts of multiple dry hop additions to achieve such vibrant flavors and aromas. It absolutely drinks like the brewers juiceled every last drop of potent lupulin from the hops.

For anyone craving an assertive, unabashedly hop-forward double IPA that leans into the hazy juiciness of modern IPAs, Juiceler is a must-try. An outstanding example of the style from this accomplished North Dakota brewery. Just beware – it’s shockingly easy to demolish a whole 16oz can of this dangerously drinkable hop nectar.

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Juiceler Double IPA from Drekker Brewing Company Review

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